Download Win 7 Starter Edition [Untouched] Genuine

Guys here I come with a very small but very effective post.

This is a solution to many of your netbooks problem.

At times it may happen to you that your recovery drive gets corrupted, or say you accidently delete your recovery drive, you are unable to boot to your recovery manager, your windows is all very much corrupted and its not working, also on top of that you have not backed up your recovery drive and plus you don’t have a USB CD/DVD drive to perform this kinda work.

And the very much worrying thing to you is that you don’t wanna use any pirated version of win7 as you have got your registered copy of your win7.

So, here is the UNTOUCHED VERSION of win7 Starter Edition for you to download and use it with your netbook. Install it, get the key from the bottom sticker of your netbook, insert in this installation and you are all done. I will be posting on how to use this image and how to do the installation and bypass your OEM Registration very soon on the blog. Till then it is very much simple and you can do it yourself with not much knowledge about installation of windows.

Download Win7 Starter Edition [Untouched] Genuine

Installation Screen of Win7

Key Features Of Win7 Starter Edition [Untouched] :

It is a Genuine Copy of Win7 Starter Edition.

It is the Untouched Image, as of the out of the box condition.

It is not edited nor any of its files are altered in any way.

It works with all the Win7 Starter Edition Key’s and you can Register it or say Re-Register it at some case.

It is not pirated in any way.

It is a Legal Download.

You can Download Win7 Starter Edition Untouched from the following links :

Mirror Download : To download it using your download accelerator click here.

Torrent Download : To download the torrent link click here.

One thought on “Download Win 7 Starter Edition [Untouched] Genuine

  1. Hi!

    I’ve recently had problems with my HP Mini 110-3100. It started with a user error (I accidently changed my hdd to dynamic instead of static) and I wanted to change it back. So I tried the HP Recovery, but that didn’t work because it wouldn’t boot into recovery when it was dynamic. I could boot into windows, but it was unstable. I tried a solution from a website to repair it, but then i got BSOD on startup. So I completely formatted it with an untouched Windows 7 Starter from piratebay (I used my own key so I guess it was legal). Well, I want the original OS back, with the HP programs and the Recovery partition. I am very good at computers, but not finding stuff like this.

    So do you know where I can get the original image with the HP Games, HP Support Assistance etc..? (I believe it’s 16GB large)

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